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Sia Partners supports players in the tourism industry (hotels, cruise lines, Tour operators, ski resorts, etc.), as well as the leisure and culture sector, with a variety of business expertise: customer experience / loyalty, pricing and revenue management, digital transformation, data science...

Creating a Public / Private Entity

Sia Partners supports local authorities in their creation of public / private entities encompassing tourist activities to boost commercial approaches. This includes legal, economic, organizational and technical support.


Door to door offer

Sia Partners supports tourism players in the design of their “door to door” offers, in both economic modeling and pricing, as well as operational implementation.


Creating a Tourism Marketplace

Sia Partners supports tourism stakeholders in all aspects of the implementation of tourism marketplace: project management, economic model, deployment of digital platform, coordination with socio-professionals.


Examples of Innovative Pricing Analysis Solutions

Sia Partners has developed Bots which, thanks to collecting a mass amount of real time data, are proven tools for decision support and prospective analysis. For example, they offer the possibility to monitor and predict evolutions in pricing and interest in different tourism sectors.


Data strategy

Sia Partners has established a proven methodology to support airline players in meeting the challenges of data management. In this context, we can help you define your data management strategy, but also implement the identified projects.


Pricing & Revenue Management

Sia Partners supports many players in the development and implementation of their Pricing and Revenue Management strategy. Sia Partners is also investing in R&D in the evolution of Pricing and RM tools with its data scientist pole and a partnership with a start-up specialized in this field.


Customer Experience & Loyalty

Sia Partners supports its customers in defining and implementing their customer experience strategies, customer engagement models, streamlining of passenger journeys, and the digitalization of their loyalty programs.


E-commerce and Digital Marketplace

Both airlines and airports strongly need to diversify their sources of income. Sia Partners helps its customers in the air travel industry to define and implement their e-commerce platforms or digital marketplaces.