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Cybersecurity & Resilience Services

End-to-end support for the definition, implementation, evaluation and improvement of your cybersecurity and resilience processes and systems. Our offer is divided into 6 pillars: Cyber Strategy, Cyber Risk, Cyber Compliance, Cyber Operations, Resilience and the Sia Cyber Institute.

  • Cyber Risk

    Cyber Risk supports firms in implementing a risk management approach, carrying out Cyber risk analysis and assessing the risk of third party vendors. Our offer also includes risk mitigation related to internal malicious acts as well as an analytical approach to your risks.

  • Cyber Strategy

    Supports organizations in their strategic choices and the structuring of its Cyber sectors, and the Cyber success of their M&A and transformation operations. Rating of the Cyber performance and maturity of the entities within/of an organization regarding its competitors within its sector.

  • Cyber Compliance

    Our Cyber Compliance offer supports firms in defining, implementing and monitoring cybersecurity compliance programs with regard to regulatory and legal requirements and the standards and best practices applicable to organisations.

  • Cyber Operations

    Cyber Operations support organisations in securing their operations in order to obtain an optimal level of confidence in the protection of a firm’s business strategy, profession, data, users, customers and their assets.

  • Resilience

    We have developed an avant-garde Resilience support. Just as crises and disasters are multifaceted and evolving, an organization's resilience plan must be fast and adaptive. This offer is based on experience, enriched and tested thanks to proprietary tools, AI and Data Science.

  • Sia Cyber Institute

    As an approved training organization, Sia Cyber Institute delivers a range of training courses and services guaranteed to increase your skills on cybersecurity and resilience issues. We are committed sharing our operational know-how based on field experiences.