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Turnaround: Critical Transformations

To help companies in the face of unbalancing change, Sia Partners has developed expertise in restructuring and supports its clients towards a return to growth. Strategy and operations are our key areas of intervention.

Transformation of Companies

We help companies to execute critical transformations in line with their strategic ambitions to overcome external constraints. Our activities include the definition of the transformation trajectory, as well as strengthening the deployment and the piloting of change management.

Our offers

  • Deployment of HR and organizational mutations

    We guide our clients in the implementation of their organizational changes by placing at the heart of our actions, the transition to new modes of operation and governance, the harmonization of practices and the consideration of social and human impacts.

  • Implementation of operational mutations

    Our activities include the identification of operational levers of transformation to reduce costs and develop the competitive advantage of our customers: in particular through the restructuring of supply chains, the reenvisioning of the purchasing strategy, and the rationalization of operating costs

  • Definition of strategic development and diversification trajectories

    We help our clients to identify new strategic paths, by the analysis and repositioning of their business model and product portfolio. They aim at implementing a value-creating model for sustainable growth.