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Modern Finance

To keep pace with the rapid changes in technologies, regulations & business models and remain a privileged partner for the C-Suite and the Board, Finance Departments need to adapt and transform their processes, tools and organization.

  • Augmented Enterprise Performance Management

    Sia Partners support its clients to redesign and optimize its performance management models and processes, leveraging planning, budgeting & forecasting new technologies.

  • Digital Finance Target Operating Model

    Nowadays, the CFO Office must lead the digital transformation and continue its optimization efforts. As a consequence, constantly challenging its operating model through further standardization/automation/digitalization, and organizational redesign has become part of the everyday agenda of the CFO.

  • Finance IT

    The Financial Information System is the foundation that guarantees financial operations performance, compliance and security. Modern CFOs are now investing in Finance in the Cloud to improve their operations scalability and gain flexibility.

  • Risk Management

    Combining regulatory and technology know-how with consulting expertise, Sia Partners positions itself as an expert in the transformation of risk management systems, completely independence of the major Audit Players.