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IT Strategy & Digital Transformation

Sia Partners supports clients in digital transformation from IT strategy definition to implementation, with new methods and technologies including infrastructure virtualization, data management and cost optimization.

CIO Advisory

We support CIOs in the definition of the IS strategy, IS sourcing strategy, the evolution of the HR planning with the new agile practices and new technologies, marketing and promotion of IS services and operational, economic performance with Green IT focus.

Our offers

  • Green IT strategy

    Green IT is a component of all our Information System offers. These are proven methodologies and approaches to support the reduction of the carbon footprint and design a high-performance IS that respects the environment.

  • Benchmark of IT Functions and Costs

    Our IS benchmarks aim to apply good market practices, carry out a qualitative and quantitative analysis of the ISD, optimize costs to promote the growth of perimeters and introduce new technologies to digitize the experience of IS and business users.

  • From Sourcing Strategy to Contract Follow-Up

    The digital era brings new services and uses that are transforming the market in depth. The challenge for the CIO is to have the right resources, human and material, to adapt to the rapid evolution of technologies while redefining cost priorities.

  • Audits Tailored to Performance Objectives

    The rapid transformation and complexity of the CIO ecosystem; diversity of players, technical debt, disruptive innovation, regulatory framework, service provider management, project governance, reinforces the need for a precise vision of the strengths and weaknesses of IS for our customers.

  • IT Workforce Planning

    The implementation of a GPEC approach makes it possible to effectively align the human resources management of the ISD with the company's strategy, based on 4 complementary components: descriptive, prospective, social and management components.

  • Our IT Strategy Offering Helps CIOs Accelerate Business Transformation

    In an increasingly connected world where the company is global and operates 24/7 in multiple eco-systems, where new business models are emerging, IT offers a strategy to master these transformations and accelerate thanks to the opportunities offered by new technologies.

  • IT Department Marketing

    In an era where digital transformation is essential to creating value, we support CIOs in optimizing their positioning and the foundation of a value partnership with all their customers through innovative tools and working methods.