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Cyril Sayada

Associate Partner, San Francisco

Cyril Sayada

As an Associate Partner at Sia Partners in San Francisco, Cyril leads Sia Partners' Compliance and Legal Technology offerings globally. With a master's degree in software engineering and a strong finance background, he has carved a unique niche combining technology and regulatory expertise. Over the past 10 years, Cyril has managed an array of technology projects in Legal Technology, Compliance, Cybersecurity, Payments, and Risk Management. His client base spans various sectors, including Financial Services and Technology. 

His core competencies extend through the entire technology implementation lifecycle for compliance and legal challenges. This includes Contract Analytics, Sanctions Filtering, Transaction Monitoring, and Payments. Cyril possesses functional and technical expertise, making him an ideal collaborator with Subject Matter Experts, Engineering Teams, Vendors, and Clients. 

Deeply passionate about the transformative power of technology, Cyril employs data analytics, machine learning, automation, and Generative AI to meet and exceed compliance and legal requirements, thereby reducing costs and improving outcomes. 

Additionally, Cyril is product owner of Sia Partners' Sanction Challenger and Transaction Monitoring solutions, hosted on Sia Partners’ AI solutions platform, Heka. These solutions are designed to support audit and testing of financial crimes solutions in an effective and innovative manner. 

Always seeking to grow, Cyril continually educates himself on emerging trends, and loves to connect with industry peers in the field of Compliance and Legal Technology.