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Pricing and Revenue Management

Sia Partners has experts supporting private and public companies who wish to (re)define and deploy their pricing and RM / Revenue Integrity strategies. Sia Partners deploys innovative RM tools in collaboration with a start-up specialized in this field.

Pricing & Revenue Management Strategy

Sia Partners supports customers in the development and implementation of their Pricing and Revenue Management strategy. Sia Partners also invests in R&D into the evolution of Pricing and RM tools thanks to our data science lab and our partnership with a start-up which specializes in this field.


Pricing Strategy Analysis Bot: Airbnb

Sia Partners has developed a bot to analyze the characteristics of Airbnb listings. This tool has been designed as an automatic and dynamic benchmark, which hotel operators can use to analyze indirect rental competition.


Pricing Strategy Analysis Bot: Hotels

Sia Partners has developed a bot to analyze the prices of luxury hotels around the world. Over a million prices are collected daily using scraping tools which allow the bot to analyze trends and display them using data visualization tools.