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Tech, Software & Platforms

A digital leader or growing disruptor, everyone must transform themselves to maintain their advantage. We support our Tech clients through ops and orga transformations adapted to their culture and working methods: process scaling, product management, post-merger, data science


Tech companies need an effective partner channel to improve their sales capacity and reach. We optimize the efficiency of partner investments and that of channels. We boost your value creation with sales strategy, activation and programs to increase revenue and scale.


Data science 4 tech

Data is the fuel of your business, you are an expert in the analysis of your core business metrics. We want to offer you an advantage with a team of consultants/data scientists: inform a decision, improve the UX, build a decision support bot, deep analysis and multi-factor of customer interactions.


Operations & business analysis

We are experts in the search for performance improvements.
We analyze your operations and business from 2 angles: data and systematic analysis. We decide with you the best suite: optimization and scaling up, decision-making tool based on data or a new financial IS ...



We are simplifying the growing complexity of marketing to achieve lasting results. We bring a pragmatic, end-to-end and in-depth vision in marketing. We provide market analysis to design and manage efficiency-driven digital campaigns.



We bring strong expertise in market analysis, UX design, agile product management (PO, proxy-BO, PM) and product launch. Our product innovation services boost value and range from Design Thinking to marketing strategy or accelerating time to market.