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Climate Analysis

The need to limit the scale of climate change is urgent. Profound mitigation and adaptation are crucial to building a sustainable, resilient world of tomorrow. We help clients in the public and private sectors navigate the on-going global transition to a low carbon economy.

Addressing Climate Change

Adapting more sustainable business models by opting for circularity, life cycle assessments and GHG emissions reduction.

Our offers

  • Adapting to climate change for business

    The physical and transitional risks associated with climate change are becoming increasingly frequent and volatile, creating a particularly complex and uncertain context for companies and their value chains. Sia Partners can help you understand your risks and adapt your operations accordingly.

  • Strategy & Organization for Climate

    Addressing organizational and talent needs, to support the company’s reinvention in addressing climate challenges

  • Reducing Methane Emissions in the Energy Sector

    Reducing methane emissions is a crucial environmental challenge. At Sia Partners, we support our clients in achieving their methane emission reduction targets and developing effective strategies to minimize their environmental impact.

  • Sustainability strategy

    Sia Partners offers a 5-step action plan to implement a sustainability strategy, and subsequently produce reports, that can be adapted to your business goals and needs.

  • Climate Business Model Transformation & Organization

    The impacts of climate change pose a global risk to businesses. This requires the adaptation of business organisations, their strategy, and operating models to move towards carbon neutrality.

  • Action Your Circular Strategy

    Our team are experienced in moving businesses from strategy to action. We help clients to deliver a greater impact by designing and building circular ventures, by facilitating Circular Transformation and building a partner ecosystem.

  • Organizational Transformation for Climate

    Climate adaptation requires not only operational change but adoptation on strategy level. All stakeholders need to be on the same page. Adapting more sustainable business models such as for example a circular business model entails organizational and transformational change in a company.

  • Low & Net Zero Carbon Strategy

    The implementation of Low & Net-Zero Carbon Strategies has many economic, social, and environmental benefits for the organization concerned.

  • Road and Rail Transport Decarbonization

    The transportation sector emits the largest amount of emissions of all sectors accounting for around 30% of global emissions. Sia Partners is optimizing and decarbonizing mobility sectors by accelerating an effective switch towards electric vehicles and alternatives such as e-fuels and biofuels.

  • Climate Strategy

    Businesses play an important role in the fight against climate change and need a solid climate strategy.