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Low & Net Zero Carbon Strategy

The implementation of Low & Net-Zero Carbon Strategies has many economic, social, and environmental benefits for the organization concerned.

The scientific community has been alerting public opinion since the 1970s about the devastating impact of our activities on the planet's climate. In 2015, 189 countries pledged to contain temperature increases well below 2°C above pre-industrial levels. However, too little has been achieved by States and businesses, while the latest IPCC reports (2021-2022) and the current manifestation of major climate events (draughts, floodings, fires) remind us of the seriousness of the upheavals that are looming.

Our value proposition

The implementation of Low & Net-Zero Carbon Strategies, which can include a commitment to achieve carbon neutrality, has many economic, social, and environmental benefits for the organization concerned. The organization’s commitment will need to overperform legal requirements to ensure resilience and tackle new risks. 

>> Commit to increasing attractiveness and credibility

  • Meeting the expectations of customers, employees, and stakeholders, who are increasingly aware of climate issues and therefore increasingly demanding.
  • Reinforcement of regulations: increase in the carbon price, demand for greater transparency in reporting
  • Challenge internal practices and the organization to increase efficiency

>> Commit to ensuring the resilience and performance of the organization

  • Anticipation and mitigation of physical risks (scarcity of resources, disruption of the logistics chain) and of transition risks (political and legal instability, social influence and reputation, market evolution, and technological disruptions)
  • New opportunities: the creation of new ranges of products, the evolution of the organization and the value chain, cost reduction and control, industrial independence, etc.
  • Challenge internal practices and the organization to ensure resilience

Our Methodology: Low & Net-Zero Carbon Strategies

Sia Partners offers a four-step approach to support its clients in the development and deployment of ambitious Low & Net-Zero Carbon Strategies that are relevant to their activities and their overall strategy.

  • Identify, measure, and monitor greenhouse gas emissions across all scopes and entities with a focus on key areas, (IT, procurement...) with our partner Greenly
  • Look at the up-and-downstream supply chain by involving suppliers and assessing GHG emissions over the product and services’ entire lifecycle
  • Identify priority areas based on GHG levels, feasibility, and impact
  • Perform a gap analysis  
  • Aim for carbon neutrality by 2050 with intermediate emission reduction targets (2025 – 2030 – 2040)
  • Co-create a group-level carbon reduction strategy together with stakeholders: employees, customers, suppliers
  • Build new revenue streams based on carbon free/neutral activities linked to your core business
  1. ACT
  • Define and discuss the precise terms to meet target KPIs: absolute or relative targets, emissions/employee, emissions/revenue…
  • Structure concrete action plans to act on all GHG emissions posts, covering the organization, and operational process, and the offer 
  • Attract new revenue streams linked to sustainable operations
  • Identify financing, carbon offsetting tools, key risks, and resilience issues
  • Integrate organizational changes to incorporate your NetZero strategy
  • Communicate goals, action plans, and progress on conforming to net zero strategies by using innovative tools: serious games, challenges, blended learning…
  • Define responsibilities for each BU/entity and quantify objectives for all management
  • Work on the climate message and its consistency with the company's culture
  • Report and disclose progress in line with regulatory requirements
low carbon & NetZero strategy in 4 steps

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