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Consumer Goods & Retail

Sia Partners helps its clients (large retail, luxury, specialized retail) to cope with major transformations in each sector (consumer demand, omnichannel, new technologies, global crises) to develop a competitive advantage in marketing, supply chain and customer relations.

Luxury Resale bot

Monitor trends in the luxury industry


Deep Review

Leveraging on AI to optimize point of sales customer experience


AirBnB - Improve Hotels bot

Helps hotels define new operational and marketing strategies to adapt their pricing strategies in response to competing offers on Airbnb.


Operational efficiency and customer experience

Improvement of cost reduction and customer experience are essential components of retail strategy. The emergence of new technologies is a strong lever for such strategies but benefits and impacts are identified and measured before making decisions.


Strategic master plan for retailers

Major developments underway (supply, cross-channel distribution, new businesses, mergers and acquisitions) are impacting retailers who, must rethink their strategy and adapt their organization to remain profitable.


Retail offer

In the era of omnichannel distribution, new consumption habits and environmental concerns, the activity of retailers is undergoing major changes. Sia Partners supports its clients in the analysis and activation of online and offline levers to outperform the competition.