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Telecoms are constantly changing with rapid technological advances. Sia Partners supports players in the sector from strategies, setting up organizations, redesigning processes, managing change and launching new products and services

GDPR Chatbot

A chatbot that answers general questions about GDPR by responding not only with textual answers, but also to information with rich content, such as clickable links, images, and videos.


Telecom network engineering

We support our customers in the deployment of fixed and mobile networks from the definition of strategic choices to technical and operational implementation


Customer Experience in the Telecoms Industry

With our expertise in customer experience, Sia Partners supports players from the definition of the omnichannel customer experience, to the implementation of new processes and the management of customer relations (business processes, technology and telephony, omnichannel digital solutions, etc.)


Launching Offers and Services in the Telecoms Industry

In connection with our Marketing practice, Sia Partners supports its clients in the marketing segmentation, strategic marketing and the definition of new value propositions. Sia Partners covers the entire launch of new products from conception to time to market.


Organizational transformation

In connection with the HR practice, Sia Partners defines the relevant organizations with regard to the orientations of the company, thanks to proven expertise in the different stages of a reorganization project (ideation, social engineering, change management, ...).