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Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is a technological wave that is transforming businesses, administrations and society. Sia Partners supports its customers in the implementation of new offers and services based on IoT, and in different sectors such as utilities, transport, industry or Smart Building.


Areas of expertise

Sensors et IoT objects

The IoT relies on objects that regularly transmit information related to their environment. Subjected to strong mechanical and energy constraints, the design choices (hardware, firmware, lifespan…) must be adequate. Sia Partners supports industry and local authorities in these pursuits.

IoT Connectivity

The emergence of IoT is associated with the development of various new connectivity technologies offering very different properties of speed, range or energy consumption. Sia Partners supports its customers in choosing these technologies to meet their business needs.

IoT Services Platform

A platform interacts with connected objects to feed decisions on business processes or place orders in real time. Sia Partners supports its clients in the identification of use cases and the set-up of a platform with a make or buy approach.



Ideation, feasibility study & framing

Sia Partners supports its customers in the framing and the feasibility studies related to IoT projects. The aim is to identify all potential IoT use cases linked to a customers’ activities, prioritize these by added-value with regards to technical and economical feasibility and define the associated deployment roadmap.


Case study : Feasibility study for an urban transportation player

Sia Partners supported a French actor of the urban transportation sector in a 4-step opportunity study: Identification of all potential use cases, technical and economical prioritization, POCs targeting and definition of deployment roadmaps for prioritized use cases.

Proof of concept of IoT use cases

Sia Partners supports its clients in the testing of IoT use cases to validate economic and business relevance and verify technical feasibility. Sia Partners relies on its technical knowledge and calls on its network of partners for specific needs.


Case study : Private LoRa network POC

Sia Partners supported a French utility in the deployment of a POC aiming to create a private LoRa network through dedicated gateways. The objective was to retrieve data from sensors located in blank areas (from LoRa operators) directly into its information system.

Support to RFI & RFP

Sia Partners supports its industrial customers in the framing of their strategy for developing IoT offers and services. In particular, we supported them in the choice of service providers where our dual business and technical expertise allows us to provide relevant support.


Case study : Our support to a Smart Metering project

Sia Partners supported a Middle East utility in the framing and the production of a tender for the deployment of 300,000 smart electric meters. Our support covered in particular the production of the functional and technical requirements of the communicating chain.

Project management

IoT brings new process and organizational issues that make project management activities critical. Sia Partners has a strong expertise in managing complex indutrial IoT projects, covering both strategic and operational issues, and making it possible to achieve budgets, deadlines and quality objectives.


Case study : Development of a Smart meter transmitter

Sia Partners assisted an energy specialist in the manufacture of an object and a mobile application for real-time monitoring of a household's electricity consumption. The activities ranged from planning and costing to the choice of manufacturer, including the management of tenders and monitoring of developments.