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Energy, Resources & Utilities

Since 2000, our experts support energy companies, system operators, R&D centers and investment funds with their growth strategies, steering and implementing transformation programmes, as well as pilots and demonstrators of future sectors which will be key drivers of the energy transition.

  • Energy Transition

    Climate issues are undoubtedly the most pressing crises we face this century, requiring a transformation of the entire energy sector. From renewable energy production to new low-carbon measures, we assist players from all sectors in defining, deploying and managing their energy transformation.

  • Environment

    In a context of technological innovation and growing customer requirements, the environmental sector must reinvent itself. From water and waste management to heating and cooling networks, Sia Partners supports all players in this transformation.

  • Electricity

    Tomorrow’s energy mix will be electricity-centric. Sia Partners supports its clients in their transformation towards new production means (renewables, industry 4.0) and their integration into networks but also helps with the development of innovative offers and new use cases like electric vehicles.

  • Gas

    Natural gas represents a quarter of global energy consumption. Sia Partners supports players in the gas market along the value chain (supply, shipping and marketing) and with the development of new sectors (LNG, CNG, Biogas).

  • Smart Grids

    More than ever, grids are at the heart of the energy sector challenges. As major instruments within the energy transition, they are digitised and transformed to become more efficient and meet the needs of new uses. For 20 years, Sia Partners has been supporting grid operators in this revolution.

  • Regulation and Taxation

    The energy regulatory landscape is constantly shifting: liberalisation, green finance and self-consumption… With our in-depth understanding of the energy markets, Sia Partners supports stakeholders from all sectors, from the definition of regulatory guidance to the transformation of business models.

  • New Offers in the Energy, Utilities and Environmental Sectors

    In a market with constant evolution, a complex competitive environment and strong regulatory constraints, Sia Partners supports its clients with their approaches and programmes to help launch innovative and market leading offers and services.

  • Energy Services

    Energy Services play a key role in the energy transition. From mature energy efficiency solutions to disrupting smart technologies, Sia Partners analyses evolutions within the sector to support players in the definition of low carbon transition strategies.

  • Consulting 4.0 in Energy, Resources and Utilities

    The power of data and connected objects are transforming the way energy providers identify opportunities. We combine our industry expertise with technological innovation to create new digital business models to drive sustainable growth for our customers.

  • Oil

    As the pioneer of Consulting 4.0, Sia Partners is supporting the oil industry in its energy transition, such as developing green alternatives or supporting digital transformations, a vital shift to secure their margins in a complex market with high price volatility.