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Benoît Aubard

Partner, Energy & Transportation | Brussels

Benoît Aubard

Benoit joined the firm as a Junior Consultant in 2001 at the very beginning of the Sia Partners journey. Thanks to his studies at les Arts & Métiers, he started the first assignment in the Energy sector, which lead to creating the sectoral expertise of Sia Partners.

Benoit started to build his expertise in the energy sector when the power and gas markets began to unbundle. He participated in projects launched by TSOs, DSOs and Energy Suppliers aimed at defining and implementing new market rules, regulations, and systems in France.

In 2005, he had the opportunity to support a large energy supplier in their international expansion, by benefitting from the unbundling taking place in Belgium for supplying new offers and energy services to SMEs and later residentials. After two years of fruitful collaboration, Sia Partners Belgium continued to provide local support to this client and began to expand outside of France. Benoit contributed to the development of Sia Partners Belgium by working with new clients in the energy sector (with new offers related to energy transition, digitization, sustainable development, consulting for good) but also by starting to replicate the French approach with regards to sectoral expertise (i.e. Financial Services).

From 2019, he has also been overseeing Sia Partners Belgium's activities related to Transportation/Manufacturing/Retail and contributes to the growth of the panel of services related to Innovation, Customer Experience, and Change Management. Benoit continued growing with Sia Partners, becoming a Partner and transmitting the DNA of a dynamic, pragmatic, smart, innovative, and professional company, to new Consultants willing to learn a lot from the industry.