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Procurement 4.0

Cost pressure and techno-economic uncertainty: the procurement function analyses and links needs and markets to create value. We combine our procurement, analytics, lean and CSR expertise with the regeneration of the purchasing operational model to gain anticipation and agility.

Digital Transformation PROC

With automation and AI, the purchasing function is reinventing its delivery model: Procurement 4.0. Delegating purchasing operations to users, capitalizing on market innovations, better managing supplier assets and anticipating risks are all fields of investigation to be explored in greater depth.

Our offers

  • Marketplace

    The marketplace is becoming an asset widely used by companies. The easy and economical 'shopping cart' purchase allows the act of purchasing (PO) to be delegated directly to internal customers. Sia Partners supports its clients in setting up marketplaces within the existing purchasing ecosystem.

  • Digital roadmap

    Sia Partners supports purchasing departments in their digital transformation. Through co-construction workshops with editors and stakeholders, the field of possibilities takes shape. Experimenting with business use cases allows us to come up with a robust and quantified digital roadmap.

  • Purchasing information systems

    Implementing a purchasing IS is a transformation project that cuts across the company. Sia Partners contributes to the investigation of market solutions (full suite, best of breed, marketplace), the development of a robust business case, the formalization of the specs and the choice of the solution