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Procurement 4.0

Cost pressure and techno-economic uncertainty: the procurement function analyses and links needs and markets to create value. We combine our procurement, analytics, lean and CSR expertise with the regeneration of the purchasing operational model to gain anticipation and agility.

  • Digital Transformation PROC

    With automation and AI, the purchasing function is reinventing its delivery model: Procurement 4.0. Delegating purchasing operations to users, capitalizing on market innovations, better managing supplier assets and anticipating risks are all fields of investigation to be explored in greater depth.

  • Responsible Purchasing

    Regulations and markets oblige companies to be CSR aware. Purchasing departments are taking over the transformation of strategies, panels and practices in the direction of balancing interests. We contribute to this for natively responsible purchasing actions.

  • Categorical Purchasing

    Each market is specifically impacted by new players, customer promises or business models. Usage, deglobalisation and risk control are the markers of this. With no taboos and with a solid categorical expertise, we deploy purchasing responses to the competitive challenges of the future.