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Growth & Innovation

Companies in all sectors are impacted by major transformations, due to new technologies, the data revolution, new business models such as circular economy and new customer approaches. We work with C-suite executives, corporate ventures and all teams involved in transformation opportunities.

Growth and Innovation Opportunities

Our offers

  • Strategic Partnership Ecosystems

    Having struggled to address key systemic issues in isolation, executives are considering solutions involving​ partnerships and an operating approach enabled by collaboration. ​A Partner Ecosystem helps engage and entrust the best partners to tackle these issues and maximise collective value​.

  • Action Your Circular Strategy

    Our team are experienced in moving businesses from strategy to action. We help clients to deliver a greater impact by designing and building circular ventures, by facilitating Circular Transformation and building a partner ecosystem.

  • Build your Circular Strategy

    Not knowing where to start is often the largest barrier to progress. Our team of innovation and circular economy experts provide businesses with actionable circular strategies to successfully pursue growth whilst eliminating waste and reducing environmental impact.

  • New Ventures

    The world is facing unprecedented challenges - and we are rolling up our sleeves to fix things. We help clients launch sector-defining ventures that deliver financial, social, and environmental outcomes at speed.

  • Quantum Lab

    Inventing the future with the power of quantum computing.
    Our quantum lab provides strategic & technology advisory services and builds application specific products with our Data Science capabilities.
    The lab is based in London but works with clients worldwide.

  • Deeptech Lab

    Our team understands the challenges of commercialising IP and technology. We help identify problems that existing assets can solve & routes to commercial applications. We rapidly identify pilot roadmaps, partners & customers for first revenues, taking ventures from MVP to fully functional new BUs.

  • Strategic Partnerships

    Sia Partners establishes strategic partnerships with leading technological players, chosen for their competitive advantages and their positioning at the cutting edge of innovation.

  • Identify Existing Innovations to Support and Scale

    For clients relatively mature in the innovation cycle, we can assess existing activities and identify best-performing innovation projects, audit innovation capabilities and define the synergies that are already available and those that are required.

  • Build a Bespoke Innovation Capability and Define KPIs to Measure Success

    Together with our clients, we build the right innovation capability, tailored to their needs, priorities and budget. This means defining innovation goals – incremental vs transformational; building and sharing KPIs to validate outcomes and defining how they will be used to incentivize the business.

  • Culture, Organization and Operations for innovation

    We help our clients ensure the impacts of their innovation efforts with adjustments to their organization and culture: ensuring that operational functions within the business can be flexible, building an organization that allows teams who don't usually work together to collaborate etc...

  • Route to Scale

    We help our clients in designing a smarter, faster way to get products and services into the hands of their customers by exploring new sales channels, identifying platform partners, or reinventing the distribution model.

  • Explore Future Opportunities in the Market

    We provide clients with a view of market trends that may cause disruption to their business, and help them make enlightened decisions to direct future investment in transformative innovation. We constantly assess the delta between existing assets and requirements to deliver customer needs.