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Build your Circular Strategy

Not knowing where to start is often the largest barrier to progress. Our team of innovation and circular economy experts provide businesses with actionable circular strategies to successfully pursue growth whilst eliminating waste and reducing environmental impact.


How we help clients chart Circular Transformation plans

The fact is you can't hit a target you can't see.

Establishing a solid strategy for circularity is a first, critical step towards a meaningful Circular Transformation. We help organisations of all sizes take circular strategies from whiteboard to investment board in 3-6 months .

Whether you need assistance planning your work or working your plan, Sia Partners' team of experienced experts can guide you through your Circular Transformation step-by-step.

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Align on your circular vision

By understanding your sustainability targets and internal perspectives on circularity, our team of circular economy experts can create a vision for your business’ circular future. Defining this vision and specifying circularity goals upfront is the foundation for an ambitious and actionable strategy. We make sure to link this vision with your wider strategic goals to drive alignment across the organisation and frame circularity as a lever for achieving business success.

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Prioritise circular initiatives

With an established future vision and a strong understanding of your current business, our team will develop a landscape of circular opportunities that can accelerate commercial growth whilst reducing environmental impact. Opportunities will be prioritised based on alignment to business goals, ROI, feasibility and environmental impact.

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Evaluate circular capabilities

To understand the optimal routes to circular growth, assessing your businesses in the context of a wider circular system and evaluating existing capabilities is critical. Our team of circular economy experts will analyse your end-to-end business to identify existing capabilities to support your circular strategy, whilst understanding key capability gaps to tackle. 

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Build an actionable roadmap

Having agreed upon specific opportunities to pursue, our team will create a detailed roadmap to execute your circular growth strategy. We will also develop an associated implementation plan outlining KPIs and governance mechanisms to ensure successful execution.


Get in touch today

Ready to get started? We offer complementary diagnostics sessions for organisations who are ready to explore the first steps towards Circular Transformation. In these interactive 1-hour sessions, our experts will guide your through a series of dynamic, thought-provoking exercises that give you increased clarity on where you are in terms of circularity and where you would like to be.

The circular economy presents a massive economic opportunity out there to be taken - without waiting for government legislation.

Dame Ellen MacArthur

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