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Sia Partners supports insurance and reinsurance companies in adapting their value chain to regulatory requirements, to competition and financial pressure, to the evolution of consumer habits as well as to opportunities offered by new technologies.


We support our customers in the definition and implementation of audit frameworks allowing them to conduct assessment campaigns adapted to the company’s risks, whether endogenous or exogenous. We also carry out framework or function diagnosis in light of regulatory requirements and common standards

Our offers

  • Risk-based Car Insurance Pricing bot

    Score the risk of a car ride !

  • Claim bot

    Improve user experience and Claim operator experience in Auto against Auto glass breakages by providing a chatbot to help with the declaration of a broken glass claim

  • Third-Party Assessment

    We support insurance stakeholders in setting up, conducting and following-up third-party assessments, to secure an appropriate level of service quality and help meet their business, technical and regulatory requirements.

  • Internal Audit

    We support our clients in both carrying out their internal audit duties and evaluating their key functions.