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Sia Partners supports insurance and reinsurance companies in adapting their value chain to regulatory requirements, to competition and financial pressure, to the evolution of consumer habits as well as to opportunities offered by new technologies.

Actuarial Services

Sia Partners' Actuarial & Quantitative services team intervene across several subjects such as protection and health insurance, quantitative services, life insurance and P&C insurance.

Our offers

  • Home Insurance Benchmark

    Using the internet to compare offers, coupled with the possibility to cancel policies at any time, leads to a very competitive insurance market. As such, knowing and considering competitors’ prices is necessary to retain a competitive advantage over market players holding such information.

  • Training Programs

    In a constantly changing market, continuous professional development is essential in staying up to date with recent trends and it guarantees optimal operational efficiency. Our experts offer training in various subjects, such as regulation, actuarial and modeling.

  • Regulation & IFRS

    We support our clients in normative and regulatory changes by interpreting standards, with impact assessments and operational deployment. We bring an enlightened view of necessary evolutions, while guaranteeing an optimal budget allocation.

  • Benchmark & Reverse Engineering

    Sia Partners has developed skills in reverse engineering that facilitate the reconstruction of pricing models, using only a set of data from an initial “unknown model”. With internal or external databases, these methods create an accurate benchmark.

  • Reserve Review

    To ensure that the level of reserves is consistent with liabilities, Sia Partners offers an independent expert view on the methodological choices, assumptions and tools used. We also perform “mirror computations” with proprietary tools allowing us to challenge reserved amounts.

  • Interpreting Complex Models

    Understanding and interpreting the results of complex models is essential to avoid a black-box effect. Sia Partners supports clients in the development of interpretive methods and adapted tools.

  • Impact Valuation of the French Health Reform

    Sia Partners supports clients in the valuation of impacts that the French health reform (100% Santé) can have. This is achieved using existing models, and by exploiting more complex models with the use of machine learning, notably to enhance predictive accuracy.

  • Pricing and Underwriting

    In a perpetually changing society, the concept of tailored products is a fundamental step. Sia Partners supports clients in this development and leverages the benefits of the Consulting 4.0 ecosystem for them.

  • Risk Management and Monitoring

    Due to the rise of regulatory and competitive constraints in France, the monitoring of private social insurance solutions has become a major. Sia Partners supports its clients to gain full control of their risks and commitments.