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Risk Management and Monitoring

Due to the rise of regulatory and competitive constraints in France, the monitoring of private social insurance solutions has become a major. Sia Partners supports its clients to gain full control of their risks and commitments.

Our society is experiencing evolutions leading to changes that can even make us question some certainties. Indeed, new professions appear, others may disappear or undergo significant changes, new risks emerge and some evolve, the behavior of the insured changes, and their needs too. Finally, the ways of working and the relationships we have with new technologies are evolving; the recent Covid19 crisis is a relevant example.

These are all factors that require insurance companies to optimize and adjust risk management. This is why the management function must integrate into all the stages of the value chain and know-how to adapt to cope with this evolving environment under increasing constraints..

We work with our customers and we support them at all stages of the production cycle to provide them with key risk management methodology and tools:


Our approach is to excel in linking the different trades and expertise to provide a complete response to our customers. Thus, our consultants have actuarial, data science, compliance, or even change management skills. We make our entire innovation ecosystem available to best respond to current changes in society and support our clients in their transformation projects.