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Join Sia Partners, where there’s a guarantee of professional growth, personal fulfillment, and where innovation meets excellence.



Our diverse and inclusive community allows individuals to thrive with our core values.

Optimists for Change

A culture of ethics, anchored in our values

Training & Career Development

In our flexible approach to professional development, we provide tailored career paths and an array of training modules so that our people can grow their skills and increase their employability in a way that suits them. We empower our employees to take responsibility for their training by making online modules available to them via Sia Institute. Managers are trained to assist employees in their career development via regular meetings and annual evaluations.

Open Dialogue 

Open dialogue describes a situation in which all parties are encouraged to share their ideas or feelings freely. Sia Partners aims to create and maintain a safe and open work environment. We pay careful attention to the quality of employee dialogue within the company. 

Work-Life Balance 

Between the desire to succeed and the risk of over-investment, reconciling professional and private life is difficult. We do not expect our employees to always be reachable. We are committed to enforcing legal break periods. Beyond that, we expect our managers to help employees to respect and enact healthy boundaries between their work and personal lives.

Diversity & Inclusion 

Sia Partners promotes inclusion and equal opportunities. In accordance with Sia Partners commitments, each of our entities encourages diversity and refrains from practicing any form of discrimination whatsoever with regard to its staff and job applicants. Sia Partners promotes the fair treatment of candidates in the recruitment process.

Focus: DEIB

We are committed to building into our DNA a diverseequitable, and inclusive culture, in which our people thrive in a sense of belonging

Respecting the Environment

At Sia Partners, we are committed to mobilizing our energy and expertise to positively impact society. As an international company based in France, we consider it our duty to support the objectives set forth in the Paris Climate Agreement. We are striving to become an exemplary company in terms of our environmental impact. 

Focus: ESG

At Sia Partners, we are committed to making our practices, policies, and actions more sustainable, and to providing transparency to our stakeholders in the process.

To see where we are and what's next, check out our 2022 ESG Report.



Our culture is centered on 6 core values, which guide all of our actions.

We strive to deliver superior value and tangible results for our clients by leveraging our expertise and empowering our people. We are committed to raising the bar for ourselves and our industry, which is why we recruit top talent and provide the tools and career support they need to thrive and excel. Our commitment to excellence drives our business and has ensured the trust of our clients.

Entrepreneurship is a cornerstone of our firm; the drive to grow has been a constant since our founding. This inspires a working environment that encourages the resourcefulness, risk taking, and tenacity required to transform original and cutting-edge ideas into action. Our entrepreneurial spirit emboldens us to confidently meet the challenges of tomorrow, continuously building legitimacy vis-à-vis our clients and influencing the ecosystems in which we operate.

We are convinced that, in order to deliver superior value to our clients, innovation takes center stage. As a result, our work culture lends itself to anticipation and divergent, outside-the-box thinking, which drives our investment and positioning beyond traditional consulting.

We believe that creating a sense of community is a key to success, that working together enables us to achieve our greatest potential, at once as individuals and as a firm. We therefore aim to cultivate a global culture of sharing: exchanging ideas and resources, sharing in success, and building each other up, across working groups, business units, and geographies. 

There is no one-size-fits-all in career development and wellbeing. We value our talent, and believe that individuality and diversity are key to supporting growth. This is why we have rejected the “up and out” model in favor of a more flexible, tailored approach, proposing an array of possible career paths and opportunities for internal engagement. We strive to cultivate an inclusive and supportive environment in which all are encouraged to be their authentic selves and given the flexibility to pursue a meaningful career. By supporting our people in this way, we empower them to explore new ways of thinking, propelling us all forward. 

We know that a healthy work-life balance is crucial for wellbeing and productivity, so we strive to instill in our work culture a spirit of collaboration, empathy, and inclusion, while shaping flexible policies and practices that allow for both ambitious career progression and a rich personal life. This includes focusing client assignments on local markets, so that business travel is voluntary. At the end of the day, our goal is to enable our people to find the balance that’s right for them.

Sia Village

An expression of our values, our Sia Village concept describes our commitment to fostering a sense of community within and among our offices. We believe that knowledge sharing is the key, not only to innovation, but to the growth and development of our people. Working together allows us to challenge one another and, as a result, raise the bar in our commitment to excellence, both individually and collectively. The conception of our offices is, therefore, a focal point of the Sia Village. Sia Partners office spaces worldwide follow a cohesive design scheme, intended to facilitate teamwork and encourage community and wellbeing. To cultivate a sense of togetherness between offices, our employees have access to a host of collaborative tools and internal networks, like DEIB @ Sia Partners and BU or sector-related clubs. Outside of the office, corporate events, like our annual seminars, are occasions for our people to connect with colleagues from all over the world, in a context that is unique and memorable.



A career with Sia Partners offers a multitude of advantages for professionals worldwide. Our firm boasts a dynamic and diverse job market, providing opportunities across various industries and sectors.

Entrepreneurial Journey

When you join Sia Partners, you will be welcomed and accompanied by the Partners of your Business Unit. You will benefit from a complete onboarding program, allowing you to quickly grasp our positioning, our history and our values.

Since our creation, entrepreneurship has been a cornerstone of our firm and the desire to grow has been a constant. Sia Partners recruits talent with the creative spirit and drive to transform cutting-edge ideas into action, both internally and for clients.

Internal Mobility

Sia Partners offers internal and international mobility opportunities. Building on its integrated structure, the firm offers its consultants new career opportunities and challenges, regardless of their position (from Junior consultants to Senior managers). 

We reward excellence, and career progression is based on merit.

Augmented Consulting

Innovation is the key to helping our clients navigate the digital revolution. By combining consulting with AI, our unique approach instills an innovation mindset within our teams, equipping them to deliver superior value to clients. We foster and reward outside-the-box thinking, which has driven our positioning beyond traditional consulting.

Continuous Learning & Development

As the business world continues to evolve, it is important to keep abreast of changes to reglementation and technology, and thus develop new skills to support these transitions, as they can disrupt our clients’ business models.

We are committed to raising the bar for ourselves and our industry. We recruit top talent who are driven to excel, and provide ongoing support to help them develop their expertise. By offering flexible career paths and encouraging knowledge sharing, we enable our people to progress in a way that supports their individual ambitions while fostering collective growth.

Upon arrival, our consultants specialize in a service, sector or role which allows them to:

  • Collaborate with experts on the same team.
  • Develop their knowledge in a certain field or profession, and share their research via articles, studies or white papers.
  • Help us tailor our offers to the level of expertise sought by our clients.
  • Capitalize on our skills in the context of “Knowledge Management”.

Beyond specializing in a function or sector, our consultants are able to experience a variety of missions, clients and business models.

Sia Institute: Internal Training Offers

Sia Institute is a collection of certified training courses which allows our collaborators to develop their professional skills, soft skills and specialized knowledge. More than 250 courses are available in different formats such as online, mobile and in-person. 



Discover our awards and rankings below.

Vault Consulting 25 EMEA

Vault Consulting 25 EMEA

Sia Partners ranked #22 in Vault’s 2024 EMEA Consulting Rankings. Ranking in the top 20 for 3 sub-categories under “Quality of Life” and all sub-categories within “Diversity”. 

Discover some of our employee testimonials below.

Firm Culture 

“We are an independent alternative to the big fours. Alternative because we often compete with them. Independent because we are not an audit firm or an IT company. Like them, we have a matrix organization (sectors x services) BUT what sets us apart is the ecosystem we have built around our core consulting activities. That ecosystem creates synergies for our consultants to bring more value to our customers. It covers: design agency, design thinking team, huge data science team, start-up studio funding various projects (micro learning on mobile, poll, carbon footprint calculator, etc.).” 

Quality of Life 

“I think overall the culture is great. Most people are happy to meet and spend time with each other on organised events. It's easy to take time off and management encourages people to go home after 6pm, so very balanced.” 

Career Development 

"Good promotion opportunities for people, no strict timelines - based on performance."

Community Engagement   

"Active mandatory training sessions have been held on unconscious bias and how to identify/overcome those. The firm’s DE&I efforts are reflected in a diverse and multi-cultural workforce. There are also many teams/clubs which champion DE&I causes and are funded to run events." 

Vault Top Consulting Asia-Pacific

Vault Top Consulting Asia-Pacific

Sia Partners ranked #18 in Vault’s 2024 APAC Consulting Rankings. Ranking in the top 20 for the majority of the 19 “Quality of Life” categories and in the top 20 of all 5 diversity categories.  

Discover the highlights below.

Firm Culture 

“Candidates should consider Sia Partners if they are interested in working on interesting questions that involve the most pressing challenges faced by clients.” 

Quality of Life 

"Firm is very flexible on work-life balance to match client and consultants' expectations." 

Career Development 

"Entrepreneurial mindset, open and easy-to-work environment, transparent career goals, and promotion requirements." 

Community Engagement   

“There is a Group DEIB policy which encompasses all these aspects with various training/information sessions to ensure all people feel welcome and comfortable in the company.” 

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