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We are looking for people who share our values, who are enthusiastic and curious, and who are excited about our projects.

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Interns & Young Graduates

Sia Partners recruits interns and new graduates from the best universities, business schools and engineering schools, throughout the year. We have several opportunities:

End of studies internship with a view to hiring on a permanent contract (6 months): 90% of our interns decide to continue with Sia Partners after their internship. 

First Employment (Permanent): for new graduates who have already completed an internship in consulting, or in the same area as one of our sectors or services. 

From the beginning of the recruitment process, candidates are encouraged to choose and apply to the Business Unit that interests them, and that corresponds to their experiences. A Talent Acquisition Specialist is available to guide the candidate in their decision during the HR interview. 

Our 3 month onboarding program was designed to allow new recruits to find their feet while getting to know the company and its values. In addition to this, each intern benefits from specialized support from a tutor who works in the field, as well as an HR representative. 

At Sia Partners, interns and new graduates are important members of the team! They are given responsibilities on client projects and work on internal projects. We strongly encourage them to show initiative and share their ideas.

Experienced Professionals


Sia Partners is always recruiting experienced profiles to strengthen the expertise in our various Business Units, develop new service offerings and support our clients even in complex transformation projects. We regularly have open positions for Senior Consultants, Managing Consultants and Senior Managing Consultants.

We’re looking for candidates who are passionate about a sector or service, who have several years of experience in consulting and share our values. More specifically, we value an entrepreneurial spirit and innovative mindset, as this is what motivates us every day!

During the recruitment process, you will have the chance to chat with our experts about the transformations in the business world which interest you. 

When you arrive at Sia Partners, you will be welcomed and accompanied by the partners in your Business Unit. You will follow a comprehensive onboarding program which will allow you to quickly understand our positioning, history and values. You will also have access to all of the courses on offer in Sia Institute, which is our internal training catalog. Our employees’ professional development is one of our top priorities and career evolution is fully transparent. We have adopted a framework for professional growth including a defined set of skills and a transparent salary benchmark. 


AI & Tech

We’re looking for talented people who are passionate about data and believe in the power of data science to respond to challenges faced by our clients. Joining Sia Partners’ data science team presents a unique opportunity to oversee client projects, from defining a digital strategy to deploying AI solutions, which help them reach their business transformation goals. In close collaboration with our business teams, you will use cutting-edge technology and innovative tools in the following areas:

  • Analyzing language and sentiment
  • Image recognition
  • Client segmentation
  • Competitor analysis
  • Predicting behavioral trends and evolutions
  • Fraud detection
  • Risk analysis
  • Business efficiency

Find out more about our Heka Platform.


Learn more about our different positions

Data Scientist: As a Data Scientist at Sia Partners, you will work closely with our different teams, implementing complex solutions which respond to our clients’ needs. Required skills: R, SAS, Matlab, Python, Perl, JS, bash, C++, Java, UNIX/LINUX environments.

Data Engineer: Working as a Data Engineer at Sia Partners, you will support the Data Science team by implementing high-performance IT solutions. These solutions allow our customers to scale up their business and realize their data-oriented projects. Required skills: Python, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, Oracle, GCP, AWS, Azure, Docker, Kubernetes, the Gitlab-CE ecosystem.

Web Developer: Working in close collaboration with our Data Scientists and Data Engineers, you will create user-friendly digital platforms for our clients.

Join the team in one of our Data Science Excellence Centers and get ready for a rewarding career in an international environment




We believe design and creativity can transform projects and experiences for next-level impact.

Consulting by Design combines the expertise of Fove, our creative agency and Makestorming by Nod-A in our design centers.

Makestorming / nod-A: Design Centers

Creativity through human experience

We combine collaboration, design thinking, and user experience to help our clients develop new ideas and accelerate their projects.

nod-A is an innovative agency whose objective is to spread new collaborative working methods, from the digital sector to large public and private organizations. nod-A developed their own "Makestorming" methodology based on Agile methods, Design thinking and Sprint Design.

nod-A serves 30+ large clients across different industries and public administrations. The agency employs approximately 25 people and generates more than €2 million in revenue.

The nod-A team is convinced that traditional ways of working have to change. Their mission is to show big companies that innovative methods are not only possible, but better! And they do it with passion. 

Since 2009, they have been hosting innovation workshops, providing tools for companies to host their own workshops and training companies to adopt these new ways of working. All of these tools make for an agile work environment, a sense of purpose and more tangible action in the workplace.

In 2019, Nod-A joined Sia Partners, to create our design hub. Their experience enriches the world of consulting thanks to over ten years of collaboration, prototyping and user-centric design.

Above all, nod-A is a tight-knit, dynamic team with a robust, collaborative work culture. We’re looking for people who are rigorous, autonomous and creative. But first and foremost, we’re looking for people who agree that “teamwork” isn’t just a buzzword; people we can rely on, who trust one another.

We value diverse experiences, from entrepreneurs to an entrepreneurial spirit. People who get things done, who are not only proactive, but also the driving force behind their work.

A Focus on Sprint Design

A “basic” Sprint Design is typically a one or two-day workshop that can be held at the client’s office or in our Design Center, and requires around 20 days of preparation (prototyping, 3D printers, tool customization).


Fove: Creative agency

Designing Experiences

We help our clients develop brand and communication strategies, implement omnichannel customer relationship strategies, and digitalize customer experience.   

FOVE is Sia Partner’s Digital Marketing and Communications agency, offering personalized services to clients. Fove designs digital experiences for consumers and creates relationship marketing strategies for brands.

We’re convinced that customer experience originates with user-centric design. Audacious, innovative and agile, the agency is composed of changemakers: UX designers, creatives and tech professionals.

At a time when consumers are overwhelmed by content, it is essential for brands to stand out by giving their customer experience a complete overhaul. FOVE helps advertising professionals navigate this era of “Real-time marketing” and helps them implement a digital strategy. 


Internal Roles


Cross-functional roles play a big part in the evolution and performance of Sia Partners. In these roles, our collaborators utilize their diverse expertise to support the entirety of our workforce. 



      Our four main services:

      • Finance: this sector unites two of the main specialities: accounting and financial control. Their main objective is to provide information about the company’s financial situation in order to facilitate the decision making process. 
      • People: this team does its utmost to manage the administration, development and wellbeing of our employees. This department is also responsible for company policies and our recruitment strategy. 
      • Marketing & communication: in this field of expertise, our team works on communication strategies and the plan of action for marketing and social media. 
      • Global Administration: this service unit is responsible for IT support (for example during internal or external events), ordering equipment and providing technical support to employees. 


      Real Added-value

      These roles work together to drive change, using innovative digital tools. Our goal is to provide employees with a sense of purpose and the chance to make a positive contribution, in the context of a constant flow of information and increasing competition. 

      Support Throughout your Entire Career

      Access to training is one of our main pillars of development, that’s why all of our employees have access to our courses via Sia Institute.

      A constantly-evolving, dynamic workplace allows us to offer numerous opportunities to our employees by creating new positions and providing pathways to other internal roles, or even into the world of consulting. 

      Working at the heart of one of our internal teams offers the chance to be the author of your own success whilst being mentored by your manager.

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      Find out more about our culture & values, Sia Village, our annual seminars and what life is really like working at Sia Partners. 

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      Take an in-depth look at our recruitment processes for experienced professionals, new graduates and interns, complete with interview tips!

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