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Anthony Wolf

Partner, Banking, Insurance and Actuarial Services | Brussels

Anthony Wolf

Anthony joined the firm in 2015 as a Senior Manager in the Banking & Insurance practice, after having worked for more than 15 years in the banking industry as an internal project manager. At Sia Partners, he developed our consulting 4.0 and later our Consulting for Good services for his clients and more recently added Data & Actuarial services to his team.

Anthony has cultivated strong expertise in the Banking & Insurance sector, starting with big Back-office migration and Post Integration projects. He also became a GDPR expert and has developed several digital strategies and approaches to support the Banking and Insurance transition, especially with respect to the integration of new regulations, digitalization and sustainability topics.

In 2017, Anthony launched the first Sia Partners Digital Banking Benchmark with the goal of developing our international expertise on digital maturity around the world using tool testing, data scraping, and data science. This expertise helped several major banks to improve their digital offering including Customer Journey, Open Banking, Payment services, Credits allowance, Beyond Banking and also fraud detection. Sia Partners became a reference in digital strategy and Anthony then developed his expertise by improving digital services for SMEs, investment tools, and Insurance services.

More recently, he also actively worked on the Sustainable transition for several major first movers. 

On a group base, Anthony is leading the international Consumer Banking Team.