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Training Programs

In a constantly changing market, continuous professional development is essential in staying up to date with recent trends and it guarantees optimal operational efficiency. Our experts offer training in various subjects, such as regulation, actuarial and modeling.

Our experts are available to facilitate training courses adapted to our clients’ needs. In addition, Sia Partners has its own training center, Sia Institute, which allows us to provide digital and e-learning solutions that are increasingly popular with companies.

Some training examples

Pricing Group Protection and Health

Over two days, this course, made up of 4 modules, provides the tools necessary for actuaries in charge of pricing / underwriting group Protection and Health contracts.

Solvency II 

A general module supplemented by 3 specific modules addressing the three pillars. Examples and practical cases complement the training for a real-life experience. This course lasts between one and three days depending on the level of precision and technicality required.

French Health Insurance – Environment and Perspectives

This course covers how health insurance providers are managed and financed under a specific governance mechanism, their funding opportunities and support for making new commitments.

Introduction to Actuarial Techniques

Actuarial work can sometimes be obscure for beginners, which is why we offer this training presenting the role of the actuary, and the main techniques used. This training is intended for all insurance roles (accountants, managers, auditors, salespeople, etc.).