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Sia Institute

The certified training organization by Sia Partners, dedicated to our clients and collaborators.


About us

A certified training institute, Sia Institute is active in all of Sia Partners' functional and sectoral areas in France and abroad. We support our clients in 3 areas of activity: training and coaching, seminars and facilitation, and advice to corporate universities. With more than 600 consultant trainers and facilitators, our institute uses the latest learning techniques to offer high value-added support.


Training & Coaching

Sia Institute delivers made-to-measure and off-the-shelf training in line with new learning techniques and in all formats: face-to-face, distance learning, mobile-learning, educational games, learning expeditions, individual and group coaching.

Our learning principles:         

            - Tailor-made and progressive

            - Hybridization and interaction

            - Practicality & deep-learning

            - Learner experience

            - Digital


Seminar & Facilitation

Sia Institute is developing an experiential approach to seminars as a means of accelerating the consulting process. We offer an immersive and memorable experience centered on the participant's experience, in line with your ambitions.

Types of Seminar:        

            - Strategy and organisation

            - Cohesion and collectivity

            - Innovation and discovery

            - Transformation and change

            - Culture and management


Corporate Universities & Training Divisions

Sia Partners supports you in the creation process, and the repositioning or evolution of your entity or training policy, thanks to our multi-dimensional analysis model targeted to corporate strategy and employee development.

Our areas of intervention:     

            - Organisational model

            - Network animation

            - Marketing offerings

            - Business models

            - Structuration of offerings


Our Accelerators

Discover our service offer to boost your training and seminars.



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