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Reserve Review

To ensure that the level of reserves is consistent with liabilities, Sia Partners offers an independent expert view on the methodological choices, assumptions and tools used. We also perform “mirror computations” with proprietary tools allowing us to challenge reserved amounts.

Increased life expectancy, people retiring sooner, and structural changes in society encourage us to rethink and adapt the traditional methods of risk assessment in Protection and Health.

Sia Partners supports clients at all stages of the evaluation of liabilities, taking into account forward-looking elements likely to distort the evolution of risk.

Our team also develops functional tools, structured by module, to allow varied actuarial work while ensuring speed of execution, flexibility, and security.

Our data analysis tool allows us to systematically identify errors and the required corrections to provide good data quality.

Integration and Data Analysis Report

Our data analysis tool allows the systematic identification of errors and the required corrections, to provide good data quality.

Summary of Actuarial Assumptions

A simple and visual configuration of key calculation hypotheses, which allows them to be adapted to your systems.

Statistical Analysis of Results

Our actuarial calculation tool is robust and reliable. The provisions calculated can be analyzed visually. Gap analysis modules also complement the auditability of provisions by performing back-testing.

Additional Modules

We have also developed additional modules from claims’ reserves and table deformation with a wide range of hypotheses and methods.