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Sophie Le Goff

Partner, Insurance & Compliance | Paris

Sophie Le Goff

Sophie is a Partner in both the Insurance and Compliance practice at Sia Partners. She consistently supports the development of offerings related to clients' issues. Through an approach that embraces innovation and transformation, Sophie improves their performance and growth benefits.

Sophie joined Sia Partners as an intern in the Financial Practice in 2006. She has been working with insurance companies for over 10 years and has developed significant expertise in adapting their value chain to regulatory requirements, competition and financial pressures, as well as consumer habits. She has extensive experience in implemeningt and overseeing a wide range of projects including strategy, operations, risk mitigation, compliance, and data.

Sophie launched the Compliance practice dedicated to regulatory issues 3 years ago. She created offers around data regulation (GDPR, AI ethics, DSA/DMA, e-privacy, Dora), anti bribery, and financial security (AML, KYC, TPRM, ...).