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Amancio Torres

Middle-East Managing Partner | Middle East Hub

Amancio Torres

Amancio is a ICT Engineer from Minho University (Portugal), with a PDG from IESE Business School (Spain).

Since 1987, Amancio’s management experience has spanned Industry, Consulting, and Government Services. He began his career at Colep Group, the consumer care/packaging conglomerate, and then went on to found a succession of consulting businesses.

His extensive experience in public administration includes serving as Chief of the Budgeting Cabinet for the Ministry of Finance in Portugal. In the last 15 years, Amâncio consulted with numerous government and private entities throughout the Gulf countries, in particular United Arab Emirates and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Amancio joined Sia Partners in 2017 and recently became Sia Partners Middle-East Managing Partner.

Amancio has written for a variety of economic and trade publications.