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Culture, Organization and Operations for innovation

We help our clients ensure the impacts of their innovation efforts with adjustments to their organization and culture: ensuring that operational functions within the business can be flexible, building an organization that allows teams who don't usually work together to collaborate etc...

Case Study: Building an open data and ecosystem model within the defence industry​

Our model enables faster, more efficient innovation through third party integration and cost-effective delivery of applications from idea to deployment.


We worked with the Royal Navy and the leading UK defence prime to develop an open model that would effectively and safely engage an entire ecosystem of partners to deliver to Ministry of Defence needs. ​ Our challenge was to enable third parties including start-ups and SMEs  to engage and contribute to the development of defence systems, enabling increased innovation whilst not compromising resilience and security.​ 



We adopted a user-needs focused, approach, covering all of the activities, processes and governance required to implement open data and agile deployment methodologies. Our approach covered not only technical services, but also human aspects such as training, idea and opportunity generation, and value demonstration. ​ 

Our key goal was to identify all key activities required to enable the ecosystem, and highlight challenges so they could be addressed directly.​ 

Our approach included:​ 

  • Working with stakeholders through collaborative sessions to build out service offerings to address key user needs​ 
  • Developing a risk-based approach to enable third party contribution to a unfamiliar, secure and previously closed environments.​ 
  • Liaising with stakeholders to build out detailed and engaging visuals to bring the to-be model to life, identifying challenges and solutions.​ 
  • Definition of a comprehensive financial model and roadmap with next steps to deliver value for partners and the Ministry of Defence.​ 


Following successful communication of the Model, the Royal Navy requested that they adopt it as part of their innovation strategy. In October 2019, they requested that we validate it with over 12 blue-chip global defence organisations. Without exception, all partners supported the approach, proving  the value of the Model for the Royal Navy’s strategy and validating our approach. ​ 

We are currently working on rolling out the model for the benefit of the Royal Navy and wider government defence services.​