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Action Your Circular Strategy

Our team are experienced in moving businesses from strategy to action. We help clients to deliver a greater impact by designing and building circular ventures, by facilitating Circular Transformation and building a partner ecosystem.


Build a Circular Venture

Our experienced team of Venture Builders use a robust approach to build a Circular Venture in less than 3 months.

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Hypothesize Circular Opportunities

Based on your goals, our team will investigate the market to identify white spaces and build a landscape of disruptive opportunities areas. Each opportunity will have circular principles at their core – eliminating waste, keeping products and materials in use, and regenerating natural systems – to address unmet needs. An initial hypothesis on the most impactful and commercial circular opportunities for your business will be taken forward.

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Refine and Validate Opportunities

Being driven by the voice of the customer is critical for developing a successful circular venture. We engage with real customers and our network of partners to test and validate opportunity areas. Using insights gathered and our internal circular economy expertise, we will refine, develop and prioritise opportunities.

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Build the Business Case

Having determined the best circular venture opportunity for your business, we will build a commercial business case and define and scope a Proof of Concept. This is critical for in-depth understanding of cost requirements and to demonstrate the value of the venture – both commercially and environmentally.

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Design and Launch Your Venture

Pairing relentless user-focus with circular economy design principles, our expert team will design your circular venture to minimise resource use and encourage regeneration from the outset. We will continuously test and iterate the design to ensure user experience remains at the heart of the process, whilst delivering an MVP under rapid timelines.


Undertake Circular Transformation

Just as digital technology and changing customer expectations precipitated digital transformation, growing consumer consciousness, climate change and tightening regulation will require organisations to shift towards a circular business model. We help companies develop internal circular capabilities, redesign end-to-end value chains and transform culture to kick-start their Circular Transformation.

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Run Circular Diagnostics

Our team will run circular diagnostics by engaging all company areas to map your end-to-end business. This will allow us to identify the biggest barriers facing your business from embracing circularity, alongside associated solutions. From engaging supply chains to optimising resource use to harnessing technology to reduce waste, a landscape of capabilities will be created, validated and prioritised. Driven by environmental impact and efficiency gains, prioritisation will inform the best opportunities to pursue.

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Acquire Circular Capabilities

After creating a validated landscape of circular capabilities to pursue, our team will work collaboratively with your organisation to co-create and execute a robust plan to acquire circular capabilities through developing the skills, processes and technology required. This rapid development and acquisition of circular capabilities ensures that your organisation gains tangible results at pace. 

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Transform Culture and Leadership

Having established a range of internal capabilities to develop and build, the next phase in achieving circular transformation is a shift in culture and leadership values. Our team of transformation experts will work closely with your organisation to create a cultural shift which is centered on minimizing waste and maximising reuse and regeneration within your business.


Create a Partner Ecosystem

The problem of complex, wicked systems are best tackled through partner ecosystems. Clients are frequently paralysed in their circular transformation by the preconception that they need to become circular in isolation. This could not be further from the truth. The very nature of a circular system required firms to act in ecosystems.

At Sia Partners, we have developed a five-phase framework to move clients from opportunity identification through to scaled in-market circular solutions, by sharing people, processes and resource across partners with aligned objectives. This offering gets to the core of value proposition alignment and commercial growth opportunities, and away from the notion of sustainability as a cost-centre.

Working with us to build your circular partner ecosystem (PE) will result in:
1. an in-market lighthouse project that demonstrates the value of adopting a partner ecosystem methodology
2. a digital partner ecosystem toolkit that will enable your business to repeat the process
3. the formation of an internal PE Circular Economy Centre of Excellence, where internal champions are 'up-skilled' in PE methodologies and can permeate change throughout the business

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Ecosystem Formation and Visioning

The first phase of work will involve the identification and prioritisation of circular opportunities to be targeted through partner ecosystems. Next, we will engage with identified partners to understand their needs and aims, and introduce them to the partner ecosystem. Together, partners will define the vision for the partner ecosystem.

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Ecosystem Proof of Concept Definition

The third phase of work is centred on defining the vision for the Proof of Concept, which will demonstrate the feasibility and value of the partner ecosystem for one specific circular opportunity. As part of this phase, we will develop the PoC partner roles and responsibilities, which range from orchestrator, co-creator, expert to funder. With the commitments gained from PoC partners, we will onboard partners to the ecosystem, ensuring that all partners are fully aligned and untied. 

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Ecosystem Proof of Concept Design and Launch

With the relevant partners onboarded to the ecosystem, the next phase is designing and launching the PoC. Our circular economy experts, with relevant partners, will co-design and launch the PoC, and integrate health checks to monitor it's progress.

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Scale Ecosystems

Once the PoC has been successfully launched, the next phase will be focused on scaling, and creating the Partner Ecosystems Centre of Excellence. As part of this, our team will scale the PoC by incorporating a wider scope or launching to new geographies, and define the Operating Model and resource requirements for the Centre of Excellence. This will result in a precisely designed Centre of Excellence ready to be operationalised. 


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Ready to get started? We offer complementary diagnostics sessions for organisations who are ready to accelerate their journey towards Circular Transformation. In these interactive 1-hour sessions, our experts will guide your through a series of dynamic, thought-provoking exercises that give you increased clarity on where you are in terms of circularity and where you would like to be.

Waste is just a failure of the imagination.

Douglas McMaster

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