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Addressing Climate Change

Adapting more sustainable business models by opting for circularity, life cycle assessments and GHG emissions reduction.

Organizational Transformation for Climate

The impacts of climate change pose a global risk to businesses. This requires the adaptation of business organisations, their strategy, and operating models to move towards carbon neutrality.


Adaptation to climate change for companies

"Climate action failure" is the number one long-term threat to the world and the risk with potentially the most severe impacts over the next decade according to the Global Risks Report 2022. The effects of climate change are already visible and palpable, they are becoming more frequent and severe.


Climate Business Model Transformation and Organization

Climate adaptation requires not only operational change but adoptation on strategy level. All stakeholders need to be on the same page. Adapting more sustainable business models such as for example a circular business model entails organizational and transformational change in a company.


Low & Net-Zero Carbon Strategies

As a result of climate change, companies are increasingly expected to meet their commitments in terms of reducing their emissions, or even achieving carbon neutrality…


Sustainable Mobility

The transportation sector emits the largest amount of emissions of all sectors accounting for around 30% of global emissions. Sia Partners is optimizing and decarbonizing mobility sectors by accelerating an effective switch towards electric vehicles and alternatives such as e-fuels and biofuels.


Climate Strategy

Businesses play an important role in the fight against climate change...