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Quantum Lab

Inventing the future with the power of quantum computing.
Our quantum lab provides strategic & technology advisory services and builds application specific products with our Data Science capabilities.
The lab is based in London but works with clients worldwide.


About our Quantum Lab

We Solve Problems in Industry & Society

We help Corporates across sectors harness the power of Quantum Technologies to solve their most challenging & valuable industry problems. We create exponential business value for corporates through crafting Quantum strategies & launching new ventures, powered by early-stage Quantum Technologies. We have successfully done so in industries such as Financial Services, Life Sciences, Healthcare, Energy, Aerospace, Automotive, Manufacturing & Retail.

We Work With Pioneering Quantum Technologies & Develop Products

We also work with the world’s leading Quantum Technology firms to identify and develop solutions with their current and planned future capabilities to address challenges in corporations and society.

We also develop products powered by Quantum Technologies from our partner ecosystem around our client’s unsolvable challenges.

We Create Business Advantage Today

We create business advantage today through unleashing a powerful mix of Quantum inspired, NISQ, Quantum Emulators & HPC technologies for optimisation, simulation & machine learning problems. This hybrid combination of Quantum, HPC & classical helps corporates create tangible value in the present, while preparing for the emergence of true Quantum Computing at scale in the coming years.


Why should you care about Quantum today?


Quantum technologies have the potential to have an impact on business and society that is comparable to the internet. Through the application of this technology, we’ll be able to solve previously unsolvable problems and unlock tremendous opportunities that were previously unattainable. 



While hardware technology firms are in a race to develop large-scale fault tolerant Quantum Computers, we leverage the power of Quantum Inspired, NISQ, Quantum Emulators & HPC technologies to create business advantage today. 



By utilising early-stage Quantum computing technologies, corporates can solve pressing industry challenges and capture previously unattainable opportunities. The early-stage technologies are most mature for addressing challenges in the optimisation space. 

Corporates across all industries have the opportunity to create value through these superior Quantum Algorithm techniques and computational models. 


Our Insights & Experience

Our Differentiation is bringing together Industry Experience & Quantum Expertise to create game changing value through this paradigm shifting technology.


Our diverse industry expertise coupled with our understanding of the power & limitations of the quantum computing technology spectrum enables us to identify, develop, scale & embed high value applications


Our Quantum Lab & partner ecosystem help our clients experiment with & build quantum capabilities through developing Proof of Values (PoVs) & Products powered by Quantum Technologies for combinatorial optimisation, simulation & machine learning problems.


We help clients differentiate by building scalable & commercially viable value propositions, tackling their complex & unsolvable challenges with early stage Quantum Technology, Data Science & High Performance Computing (HPC)

Key principles for your Quantum Journey


Always be use case / problem led and not technology led. DO NOT solve problems “because you can” there needs to be business value in doing this


Co-create on experiments to prove the quantum value advantage & work closely with business users to scale adoption.


Ignoring Quantum Computing could be costly in the long term. Make sure you do not miss out on the potential value creation opportunities today and are not left behind competitively.

Examples of our Quantum Ventures

Building a drug discovery platform with Fujitsu

A De Novo Drug Design Application: The application finds leading drugs candidates by identifying the optimal combination from over 1.2 Billion molecular fragmentsReducing the ‘Hit to Lead’ stage of the drug discovery process from 2 years to 8 months, with improved accuracy in results.

Helping FS institutions optimize their collateral 

Collateral Optimisation problem: The solution helps buy & sell side financial institutions to identify the optimal collateral postings to meet their obligations at the lowest cost, while meeting risk & liquidity constraints. A 0.01% improvement in collateral optimization leads to an increased return of €39 million at a large European Bank.

Helping Energy & Utilities companies improve unit commitment 

Unit commitment problem: The solution identifies the optimal combination of power generation units to meet the forecasted energy demand of the grid at the lowest cost & with minimum carbon emissions. The solution is expected to save 3% of carbon emissions in meeting the energy demand.

Improving designs through Computational Fluid Dynamics 

CFD Simulations application: Helping develop scalable quantum algorithms that enable great design quality for the aerospace & automotive sectors. Benefits include reduced design cycle iteration times, reduced physical wind tunnel testing, improved Finite Element Analysis (FEA) accuracy and reduced computational costs.


Our Offer

Through our experience executing multiple successful projects & creating tangible impact, we have developed deep expertise and credibility in the quantum ecosystem. We help corporates with the end-to-end quantum value life-cycle covering growth strategy, use case identification, quantum experimentation, investment case, capability build, training, product development & GTM.

For Corporates across industries

Quantum Consultancy Services

  1. Demystifying Quantum & selecting the optimal use case for experimenting
  2. Building a Quantum Strategy, Opportunity Roadmap & Leap Business Case 
  3. Developing Proof of Value and launching ventures powered by Quantum Technologies 

Quantum Products 

  1. Corporate Clients as end users / customers of our quantum products
  2. Quantum products, backed by proof points, are used to address specific industry challenges 
  3. Building differentiated IP & revenue streams for Corporate clients

For Quantum Technology firms

Quantum Consultancy Services

  1. Strategic positioning in the quantum ecosystem
  2. Crafting growth strategies
  3. Developing & launching new revenue streams using quantum capabilities