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Digital Infrastructure

Sia Partners supports customers in the digitalization of their infrastructures by introducing new IoT and 5G technologies, virtualization of SDN / NFV networks and very high speeds for the benefit of the business. We also help with sourcing, migration and use of the Cloud strategy.

Go to Cloud

The Cloud is at the heart of digital innovation, and even though its maturity continues to develop, and the adoption perimeter is specific to each company, it's important to question the Cloud model used. As well as its security, performance, opacity of contracts and costs, and its IT integration.


Next Gen Connectivity: 5G and High Speed Networks

The evolution of telecoms and the arrival of 5G is revolutionizing tertiary and industrial uses, and businesses and communities must adapt to these trends to take advantage of these transformations. Sia Partners supports its clients in infrastructure deployment and development projects.


Digital Infrastructure in Telecoms

We work on issues related to telephony, call centers, corporate networks and Software Defined Networking. Our customers want to ensure agility in the deployment / operations of their infrastructures to offer a modern, scalable and more efficient network.