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Digital Transformation Assessment

Sia Partners supports clients in assessing where they are to start building their Digital Transformation journey.

Why assess your Digital Transformation Readiness and Maturity?

Every digital journey starts with assessing where you are, which allows you to identify strengths and gaps. We build an actionable roadmap and can help you execute your desired outcomes.

Benefits of our approach:

  • A tested and proven framework built on our portfolio of client engagements;
  • A robust foundation ready to start after a short planning phase;
  • A tailored assessment to target focus areas;
  • Easily digestible outcomes to quickly understand current strengths and shortcomings;
  • An actionable plan with clear first steps.

Why work with us?

  • Frame a credible starting point to demonstrate where you have made a difference and where you need to focus on​;
  • Build a robust plan to tailor your approach for years ahead​;
  • Create momentum and lead people on your Digital Transformation journey.

Readiness & Gap Analysis

We work with your teams to assess whether your planning, processes and people are ready for a successful Digital Transformation.

Readiness Gap Analysis
Data Readiness How prepared are you to succeed with a robust data management strategy?
Executive Readiness Do you have what you need from your executive team to be successful? Does your organizational design drive your desired strategic outcomes?
Automation Readiness Do you have the knowledge and skills to make the most of automation?
Agile Readiness Is the organization ready and willing to deliver in an agile framework?
Cultural Change Readiness How prepared are you to succeed with the necessary cultural transformation?
Innovation Aptitude Does the organization have the necessary skills, processes, and tools to innovate successfully?
Product Portfolio Readiness Is the PMO set up for success in a digitally transformed culture?
Business Analysis Readiness How prepared are you to successfully translate innovative ideas into product designs?

Maturity Assessment

We identify how far along the Digital Transformation journey your organization is.

  • Operational Maturity: Are your organizational processes mature for digital transformation?
  • Innovation Capacity: Does rapid iteration continuously drive data-driven improvements​?
  • Data Maturity
    • Data Strategy
    • Data Governance
    • Data Acculturation
    • Data Quality
    • Data Analytics

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