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Open-Innovation and Innovative Ecosystem

Sia Partners is strongly committed to the entrepreneurial and tech ecosystems, assisting clients in all areas of Open Innovation by fostering diversity of employees, creating investment structures, supporting innovative projects and assisting the integration of a new business.

Our offers

  • Startup Acquisition and Integration

    Sia Partners helps clients detect startups or innovative players for acquisition opportunities, establish operational and strategic due diligence processes, as well as design and manage integration plans.

  • Startup Acceleration and Coaching

    Sia Partners supports clients in their own acceleration programs on key issues of different maturity levels; business model definition, operational roadmap, prototyping, growth hacking, technological, sectoral and functional expertise, legal and financial guidance.

  • Partnership Strategy and Operational Synergies

    Sia Partners helps labs, project factories, and business departments to define their partnership strategies (make or buy), source innovative players, create synergies with these players, and manage their ecosystems in order to ensure commercialization.

  • Investment Strategy

    Sia Partners helps clients define and implement their investment strategies. This includes choosing the investment mode (strategic or financial investments), defining investment criteria, sourcing organizations, due diligence, supporting clients in investment operations and communications.