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Self Connect bot

Evaluate the opportunity of self-connection offers of airports

What is it ?

The increasing umber of low-cost routes and the development of OTAs (Online Travel Agency), which facilitate the marketing of connecting itineraries from independent flights, has enabled the development of self Connect.

This practice is favored by passengers in order to pay a lower fare and/or make an OD (origin-destination) not available on direct flights and/or obtain better schedules. At the same time, this practice allows secondary airports to offer an alternative to major international hubs by enhancing their existing destination panel.

In order to stimulate this type of traffic, several European airports (Gatwick, Nice) now offer offers that facilitate self-connected travel: simplified baggage transfer, queue-jumping at security checks, missed flight insurance, and promotion of the offer on certain partner OTAs. 

However, before launching such an offer, an analysis of the airport's self-connect potential is necessary in order to validate the commercial opportunity.

Build possible connections of a given airport and locate them in relation to the market

By scrapping the flight plans of a an airport regular week's flights, their price and time data, this bot generates all possible connections and compares them with the best routes on the market.

It allows to identify the most competitive self-connected origin-destination routes of an airport, and evaluates the commercial potential of each of the routes by providing the number of occurrences and potential passengers.


If you wish to learn more about Self Connect bot, use the link bellow to access a demo !

Self Connect bot is part of Heka, the ecosystem of AI solutions developed by Sia Partners.

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