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Passenger Transportation

Well-performing public transit is essential to human and economic development. Sia Partners encourages the development of urban, rail, air, sea and river transport by making it attractive to passengers and communities, and efficient for operators.

Industrial Assets (Infrastructures, Train Stations and Rolling Stock)

Sia Partners helps transporters and infrastructure managers to manage their industrial assets in the long term, be it with investment choices, maintenance and renewal policies, or optimization of operating costs .


Transport Safety

Sia Partners supports carriers, infrastructure managers and public, national, regional and local authorities in the design of security policies and the deployment of a range of security measures based on human, technological and organizational solutions.


Transport Production

Sia Partners helps to define the commercial offer, design the production plan (including resource allocation and creating a contingency plan in case of social movements or even pandemics) and to manage operational traffic.


Physical and Digital Customer Experience

Customer experience plays a key role in increasing the appeal of transport networks. Sia Partners helps carriers to design distribution channels, ticketing systems and passenger information channels.


New Modes of Transport and New Business Models

Sia Partners offers expertise in new modes of transportation and the related financial models. Both of which are evolving in the context of the rail liberalization process, the Law of Transport Mobility Direction and the mounting demand from the public for cleaner transportation.