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HR Performance and Strategy

In an ever-changing socio-economic environment, Sia Partners supports the HR function in the ongoing alignment of their strategy, organization, service offerings and practices, with companies’ strategic ambitions and internal stakeholders' expectations.

Recruitment Chatbot

Provide accurate, instant, and contextualized answers to questions from employees or candidate.


Pulse bot

Keep in touch with your employees with an appropriate state of mind assesment solution


Nurseries Set Up bot

Identify strategic areas for new day-care infrastructure openings !


Office Relocation Optimization bot

Choose a more efficient office location (closer to your employees)


MOOCs Search Algorithm bot

Find relevant Mooc training for your employees.


Supporting the Automation of HR Processes

Convinced that many HR processes are natural candidates for automation (administrative management, recruitment, training...), we help our clients to capitalize on this opportunity, and refocus their added value.


Managing and Retaining Talented Employees

Taking advantage of its multi-sector benchmark, Sia partners assists clients in defining and implementing a talent management policy and aligning it with market best practices.


Building a Distinctive Employer Brand

We support our clients in building a distinctive employer brand with a unique and recognizable experience for both employees and candidates. A decisive advantage in a tense job market.


Skills Needed to Anticipate Transformation

Through our approach of identifying the skills and resources that make it possible to maintain competition, we give each organization, whether private or public, the means to anticipate and support the ongoing transformation of their business and skills.