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MOOCs Search Algorithm bot

Find relevant Mooc training for your employees.

What is it ?

Numerous companies want to integrate digital learning in their employees' training programs. But as a wide variety of new MOOCs are offered every day,  it can become challenging to find the relevant one.

Thus, we aim at suggesting e-learning courses to companies in order to challenge their training catalogs.

How does it function ?

The application is based on a search engine with multiple criteria, allowing to find the most relevant training courses in the database. It also enables the comparison between the different training courses already implemented within the company and those offered on the web. 

The idea is to suggest a selection of equivalent courses that are less expensive and of equal quality. Furthermore it enables one to build blended formation programs by combining online digital media with traditional classroom methods.

If you wish to have acces to a demo, use the link below!


Solution's Benefice

-  Blended formations – construct blended formation programs

-  Minimize costs – Replace paid formations by free MOOCs

-  Adapt your training catalog to different pedagogic needs

-  Give the choice to your employee


If you wish to learn more about this bot, use the link below to acces a demo!

MOOCs Search Algorithm bot is part of Heka, the ecosystem of AI solutions developed by Sia Partners

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