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Navigating the Landscape of Green Jobs

Opportunities and challenges across key sectors .

In response to the pressing challenges posed by climate change, businesses worldwide are embracing sustainability as a core principle to drive innovation and resilience. This shift towards eco-conscious practices should be correlated with the rise of Green Jobs - roles explicitly designed to reduce environmental impact while driving economic growth. However, the discrepancy between theoretical promises and tangible realities in the job market requires closer examination.   

This whitepaper examines Green Job prevalence in key sectors such as Energy & Utilities, Financial Services, Retail & FMCG, and Transport & Logistics across Belgium, Canada, France, the Netherlands, and the United States, delving into the prevalence of Green Jobs adverts compared to other job ads, the importance of Green Skills, and the operationalization of green job advertising for employers.   

Want to embrace a green hypertransformation? We can assist you in:​  

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