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Nurseries Set Up bot

Identify strategic areas for new day-care infrastructure openings !

What is it ?

In France, finding a day-care for a child can be a strenuous task. Waiting lists are often long and there are significant territorial disparities. 

With Nurseries Set Up Bot, the goal is to create an interactive environment where one can visualize potentially attractive areas for new nursery locations.


How does it function ?

The analyses that mainly concerned geo-spatial data calculations and visualizations, is done using a PostGis database and a geo server, which allows the creation of a hexagonal grid on the studied area.

Used data source: day-care names, locations, and the information on the quantity of available places captured through web scraping, while economic and socio-demographic data is retrieved through open data sites hosted by government institutions.


Three specific scores were created in order to quantify each zone’s attractiveness for the opening of a new day-care:

  • Supply/demand score: measure of the amount of day-care places within a specified range compared to the number of children in a given zone, to determine the potential attractiveness of opening a day-careday-care based solely on competitors and demographics.
  • Economic Score: measure of wealth specific to a zone, to quantify the population’s purchasing power.
  • Antenna Score: measure of the number of telecommunication antennas close to a given zone, to caution potential businesses from opening day-cares within a defined proximity to the aforementioned.

Finally, the Global score is derived from a mathematical formula that takes the supply/demand score and the economic score to calculate the overall potential appeal of an area.


If you wish to learn more about Nurseries Set Up bot, use the link bellow to access a demo !


Nurseries Set Up bot is part of Heka, the ecosystem of AI solutions developed by Sia Partners.

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