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Human resources has always been a central activity at Sia Partners. This practice brings together high-level HR professionals from large organisations and consultants.

  • Digital HR

    Sia Partners is independent of all HRIS publishers and integrators on the market. Since our creation, this positioning has allowed us to objectively advise our clients with regard to their Digital HR strategies: HRIS, HR Start-up, RPA, and AI applied to HR.

  • HR Performance and Strategy

    In an ever-changing socio-economic environment, Sia Partners supports the HR function in the ongoing alignment of their strategy, organization, service offerings and practices, with companies’ strategic ambitions and internal stakeholders' expectations.

  • Sia Institute

    Sia Institute is Sia Partners’ world-class international training offer which provides a wide range of learning programs and workshops. Training modules cover the totality of our locations and sectors.

  • Social Engineering

    Convinced that social dialogue is an essential part of our clients' projects, we support them in the preparation and management of a variety of social procedures, particularly with regard to mergers, restructuring, and negotiating collective agreements.

  • New Ways of Working

    Sia Partners helps clients understand work transformations and implement new tools, methods, and practices, taking care to view fads through a critical lens and adapt our approaches to the specificities of each organization.