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Risk Management

We support banks in implementing their risk management framework to comply with regulatory requirements in a steering perspective, including the monitoring of emerging risks. Our consultants are empowered by the use of innovation and new technology to save cost and bring value to business.

Fraud detection on a package's journey

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Climate change risks and opportunities

Helping financial institutions to assess, integrate and manage Climate Risks (including Physical Risks, Transitional Risks and Reputational Risk), according to their portfolios. Preparing banks to perform efficient climate related Stress Testing.


The central role of data for risk management

Data management is not only a focus of interest for regulators but also one of the biggest competitve enablers. We support our clients in all their projets related to data: design IT architecture (BCBS 239) or more innovative solutions (data scraping, data mining, ...)


Reducing the regulatory burden of reporting

To face an increasing request for regulatory reporting (Anacredit, BCBS 230, IFRS 9, ...), we assist you in the implementation of these reporting capabilities and in automation of production and analysis whilst exploiting possible synergies and improving data quality.


Regulatory compliance with a competitive advantage

In a fast-moving regulatory environment, we support banks in implementing reglementary programmes from regulatory decoding to operational variables, by putting into place all possible synergies and optimisations in order to take advantage of these evolutions.


Towards an efficient operational risk management

We assist financial institutions in upgrading their operational risk management framework across all lines of defense to meet regulators' expectations. We also help with optimization stakes (as few modifications have been implemented since the Basel II declination).


Our offering along the entire credit value chain

We assist clients in managing their risks all along the credit value chain (loan origination, on-going monitoring and portfolio management, restructuration and recovery) : definition/review of business and IT processes, credit risk modelling and advanded analytics empowered by innovative solutions.