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Asset Management

The asset management industry must reflect on the positioning of its range of funds with the growth of passive strategies, and take into account the environmental and social impacts of investments.

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Keep a competitive advantage against well-informed market players


Artificial intelligence and RPA

We support private banks in the definition of a global innovation strategy and in their operational implementation. Our holistic approach combines the redesign of your business process with a selection of new technologies by building a POC and then executing a global roll-out of the selected solutio


SWIFT flash audit

By the end of 2020, SWIFT users must carry out an independent assessment of customer security controls (CSCF). We perform flash audits for our clients to assess their level of compliance and define a remediation plan. Sia Partners is a Swift cyber security service provider.


Developing a sustainable investment strategy

The growing demand for SRI products and investors incorporating ESG criteria into asset allocation creates opportunities for asset managers, but also challenges. We help asset managers to overcome the lack of data, to develop a differentiated strategy and to communicate effectively to investors.


Redefining A Family of Funds

We help Asset Managers assess the viability of their funds by analysing their features, profitability and market appeal, and supplementing this review with transformational recommendations to improve their competitiveness.


Market data cost optimization

The cost of acquiring market data is an important component of the fixed costs of asset managers. Data, although strategic, must be given special attention when negotiating contracts with suppliers.


Outsourcing the functions of an asset manager

During a cost rationalization period, asset managers must consider BPO and ITO solutions for their middle and back office functions. They can then focus on their core business functions such as management, family of funds positioning and distribution strategies.


Liquidity Stress Tests for asset managers

Regulatory constraint or steering tool, questions around accounting liquidity plague asset managers given that the new ESMA recommendations come into effect in September 2020.
Sia Partners adopts a two-step approach: analysis of your funds (scoping), then carrying out stress-tests (roll-out).


Monetary indexes transition

We are helping Asset Managers to manage monetary index reforms by identifying major impacts, challenges and opportunities. We are able to help you to: reinvent products and investments, adapt benchmarking and performance models and review operational & IT tools.