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Wealth Management

We support Private Banks and Wealth Managers as they face a major evolution in their business. Digital capabilities, regulatory constraints and an emerging generation of clients are deeply transforming the way they attract and retain customers.

Trading Fee Management (BCE) Services

Capital markets participants transact millions of transactions that attract Brokerage, Clearing and Expense charges. Their spend is significant with some firms spending over a 1 billion USD annually.


Market Data Management

Capital markets and Asset Manager Participants acquire millions in Market Data sets that enable their investments process. This is a critical component to their functions as a Traders, PMs, Research Analyst even operations and technologist .


Complying with DAC 6 reporting obligations

We accompany our clients in preparing to comply with new DAC 6 tax reporting obligations, from impact analysis to the definition of their target operation model and revamping their information systems to be compliant from day 1.


Products & Services in Wealth Management

In a context where Private Banks are under increasing pressure (increase in regulatory requirements, changes in both competition and customers' needs) we help you seize the opportunity to evolve business model and positioning evolve by redesigning your products & services offer.


The right pricing definition in Private Banking

In a context of low rates, decreasing margins and exponential costs, pricing has become a vital stake for Private Banks. To ensure sustainable revenue but also to attract and retain clients, we work with industry players to define an appropriate pricing offer and educate employees accordingly.


Defining an exceptional client experience

We accompany market players in defining an exceptional client experience, integrating regulatory constraints and operational efficiency imperatives. We help them understand and optimise client journeys and deliver value-added services.