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Financial institutions are facing transformation in their Finance functions. Sia Partners helps them to confront new challenges in performance management, Finance/Risks convergence, analytics efficiency, and production of financial reportings.

Financial Analysis bot

Prospecting and predicting financing needs


News Sentiment Bot

The importance of unstructured textual new data in analysis above fundamental data


Finance and Risk convergence

Convergence between Finance and Risk functions is now a reality, though with different degrees of intensity across businesses. Our teams know these functions well and are able to help our clients move towards more integrated data, processes and organisations.


Analytics Here and Now

Our Analytics Here and Now offer enables our clients to leverage on 3 key trends: increased demand for complex analysis under time constraints, the advent of powerful “self-service analytics” tools and “digital native” staff capable of making the most of them.


Finance Transformation

Since 2008, expectations towards Finance departments have soared; from Senior Management, Businesses and Regulators. A sustained and all-out transformation is the answer: enhanced financial steering, prediction capability, digital upheaval, simplification of processes, shared services…


Performance Management : Finance’s New Frontier

In a context of increased competition, pressured profitability and low interest rates, Performance Management teams are at the forefront. Planning, big-data, target operating model, streamlining and agility: our expertise and vision enable our clients to rise to the challenge.


Financial Reporting

Sia Partners supports businesses in their new activities and optimization programs (data quality, automation…) and empowers them to integrate regulatory and accounting changes which impact finance components.