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Market Surveillance for CIBs

How to assess your current capabilities and identify potential opportunities for improvement.

The Surveillance Landscape is Changing

Surveillance is a key requirement for financial institutions to detect instances of market abuse and other forms of misconduct. Yet the landscape is changing and there is a number of challenges organizations need to consider, such as:

  • Operational Risk: The global trend of remote work has opened the door to greater misconduct and manipulative behaviors. These new threats will need to be addressed by investing more in platforms that increase efficiency and accuracy within surveillance functions.
  • Technological Advancement: The radical transformation that securities markets have undergone in recent years has meant firms will need to adapt. Firms will need to use cutting-edge technologies and deploy highly automated systems to improve market abuse detection to bring in line with a changing world.
  • Regulatory Pressure: Financial institutions need to take proactive measures to ensure they are meeting regulatory standards and industry best practices. 

Sia Partners is uniquely positioned to assist you with Market Surveillance

Our business expertise, combined with Financial, Compliance and Surveillance experts, enables us to support our customers through their end-to-end surveillance processes by addressing concrete business use cases.

  • Hybrid teams with Data/Tech specialists and market experts
  • Regulatory insight, technology experience, and product-specific knowledge
  • Collaboration with regulators, technology providers and industry bodies
  • Detailed Assessment Templates for Surveillance Misconduct Risks
Financial Compliance Experts, Data Science & AI, Industrial Platform

Our 3-step approach

  • Calibration of the current state: Assess and evaluate the current state following a risk-based approach to:
    1. best understand the current operations, policies and procedures 
    2. facilitate quick fixes.
  • Risk assessment: Identify key market abuse risks, perform inherent risk, controls and residual risk ratings, and identify control gaps to remediate and integrate them into the overall surveillance work plan.
  • Oversight & Automation: Enhance the client’s surveillance capabilities using an Automated approach and provide oversight to real-time reviews along with compliance, IT and other functions.


  • Surveillance Risk Control Framework (Tier 1 Investment Bank)

Designed new models to match the updated regulations and company structure.

  • Surveillance Implementation Roadmap (Tier 1 Investment Bank)

Created a detailed implementation plan and timeline, starting with regional implementation.

  • MAR/MAD2 regulatory project (Tier 1 Investment Bank)

Performed a business and compliance gap analysis and delivered a remediation plan with formalization at CIB level. 

  • AI-Based Transformation (Tier 1 Investment Bank)

AI-based software implementation to improve current state by providing enhanced alerting techniques and reporting.

  • Compliant Instant Messaging solution (Tier 1 Corporate & Investment Bank)

POC and study for the scalable implementation of a Compliant Instant Messaging Solution (WhatsApp, WeChat, MS Teams…) for Global Markets / CIB sales staff. Coordination of the project across relevant regions and functions (Business, Compliance, eCom Surveillance, IT / Tech, Information Security) and with Vendors / FinTech to define an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and a strategy for group-wide deployment of the solution.

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