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Sia Partners’ multidisciplinary and multisectoral teams have designed innovative solutions that, combined with proven methodologies, manage compliance risks and address the significant challenges of regulatory compliance that impact organizations.

  • Third Party Management

    Management of subcontractors is at the core of many regulations and must be approached in a global manner in order to be efficient and compliant. Sia Partners assists its clients in the development and implementation of centralized third-party vendor management and contract review policies.

  • Training and Awareness

    Employees are the first line of defence against the risk of non-compliance, whether creating and implementing policies and procedures, or developing systems to prevent information breaches. We provide trainings to help you increase awareness, using content adapted to the target audience.

  • Organization and Efficiency of the Compliance Function

    In order to address the increasing regulatory pressure and the need for companies to automate processes, Sia Partners offers its clients a complete strategy to transform Compliance functions into key allies for compliance risk management.

  • Manage your Compliance Risks

    The regulatory inflation dynamic comes with an increasing number of controls by authorities and associated sanctions. Sia Partners helps its clients prepare controls in order to anticipate the authorities’ demands, facilitating by that the answering process and managing non-compliance risks.

  • Financial Security

    Sia Partners assists its clients in the transformation of their financial security set-up.

  • Fight Against Corruption

    The fight against corruption is critical for companies to preserve their activity, assets and reputation. Sia Partners, with its innovative and cutting-edge approach, helps clients in all sectors implement solid and reliable anticorruption programs and create a strong culture of compliance.

  • Data Privacy

    GDPR requires firms to perform a complete review of all practices related to the use of personal data. It is the firm’s responsibility to ensure the security of personal data, as well as provide transparency into the processes used to collect, process and store personal data.

  • Ethics

    As authorities tend to call for stricter regulation frameworks, it is increasingly important to have a thorough understanding of algorithms. Sia Partners supports organizations that are committed to benefiting from an ethical design and use of algorithms to control the risks associated with AI.