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Legal Operations

Sia Partners’ Legal Operations professionals provide strategic planning, project management & execution, and technology expertise that many legal and compliance departments don’t have in house.

Today’s corporate counsels are under pressure internally and externally to provide value and advocate for their company’s interest with an ever-expanding list of responsibilities. Meanwhile, an uncertain business climate is putting legal departments under tough budgetary and personnel constraints.  

Sia Partners’ Legal Operations professionals provide the strategic planning, project management & execution, and technology expertise that many legal departments don’t have in house.  

Legal/Compliance Project Management

We support companies in addressing new legal and compliance challenges. We define and build methodologies and frameworks to ease the collaboration between all the departments involved in the compliance process. 

Regulatory Engagement process

Regulatory engagements are an important part of the compliance journey and require adequate preparation and planning. Our Legal PMO are dedicated to coordinate the preparation work and develop methodologies to help streamline and optimize the regulatory processes. 

Document Analysis Automation

Our Doc Review AI solution automatically identifies, extracts and structures essential information in your documents: contracts, invoices, briefing notes, etc. 

The AI engine learns from your annotations and continuously improves results. 

Transforming raw archives into valuable insights

Collects raw documents and data from unstructured sources and transforms it into structured data to make it readable and usable. Users can also isolate the most important elements according to their own criteria to build more robust reports based on extractions. We have used our AI solutions to decode, analyze and classify information contained in raw invoices in disparate formats, to restore them in clear, exploitable and scheduled data. 

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Regulatory Monitoring and Review

We assist with the process of identification of regulatory obligations and implementation of compliance controls.  Our Reg Review AI solution allows your compliance teams to deal with regulatory inflation, increased technicality, increased controls from regulators, and even take into account local specificities. 

End-to-End Horizon Scanning and Reporting 

Major financial institutions handle thousands of circulars from regulators every year. In the past, we implemented Reg Review to automate the regulatory circular management process by implementing AI combined with a workflow system to optimize the current process as well as to enhance tracking and management reporting to increase efficiency 

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Where Sia Partners Has Helped Clients’ Legal Operations

  • Regulatory watch: created a regulatory watch reporting function including a world-wide heatmap of e-commerce regulations for a global tech company’s legal policy communications team. 
  • Contract review: conducted an AI-assisted commercial supply contract portfolio review for the legal department of an international chain of convenience stores.  
  • Program management: provided program management support to the legal department of a tech company to perform strategic market entry and product launch preparations for a cryptocurrency and e-Wallet product. 
  • Policies and procedures review: led a corporate legal review to update procurement and finance policies and procedures of a middle-eastern national railway company. 
  • Government agency support: provided legal affairs support to a government agency in the Middle East.  
  • Environmental audit: helped corporate counsel design an internal audit processes centered around environmental policy and biodiversity preservation for a European national gas transmission operator.  
  • Performance management: worked with a top international law firm to re-design and implement a new performance management approach. 
  • Privacy compliance implementation: created GDPR governance procedures and helped to train and implement GDPR into corporate culture and operations for the legal department of a European online-only bank. 

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