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New Ways of Working

Sia Partners helps clients understand work transformations and implement new tools, methods, and practices, taking care to view fads through a critical lens and adapt our approaches to the specificities of each organization.

Gender Equality and Diversity

Convinced that gender equality and diversity go beyond issues such as salaries and career paths, we offer our clients a holistic approach in revamping their HR processes and practices, organization and working conditions in the fight against stereotyping.


Relocation and Workspace Design

More than a logistical project, relocating is an opportunity to rethink work habits and improve loyalty. We support our clients in all of these aspects, combining our expertise in design thinking, project management and our partners in space planning.


Psychosocial Risks & Absences

Sia Partners supports its clients in the prevention of psychosocial risks and the fight against absences by relying on a systemic vision based on established methodologies and a systematic consideration of the requirements of the people they support.


Work-Life Balance and Employee Commitment

We support our clients in initiatives that promote quality of life in the workplace, convinced that they are a major factor in employee commitment and performance. In particular, we rely on our Quality of Work-Life Club, which brings together around 100 professionals every quarter.


Remote Working

We support our clients in the definition and implementation of remote work and its post-Covid increase, by working on operating models, equipment and technological resources, but above all on managerial models and the employer/employee relationship.